Yamaha YHT-497 Review-5.1 Channel Home Theater System

Yamaha YHT-497 5.1-Channel Home Theater SystemPowerful home theater set is what you need if you are an avid audio and visual experience fan that are willing to spend money and home space for the ultimate home theater system. Yamaha YHT-497 5.1-Channel Home Theater System is a home theater set that gives HD audio experience with all connection types for gadgets, computers, TVs, DVD or CD players, laptops and MP3 players. The massive set has everything that you will ever need from a home theater set, which will makes you save money for movie tickets and gives you the same enjoyment when you are watching movies at home instead.

Rating: ★★★★½

First Look at Yamaha YHT-497

Looking at the whole sound system set and you will see that Yamaha YHT-497 is clearly designed for super audio experience. The 6.5 inch width subwoofer and 5.1 speakers clearly the main stars; guaranteed for powerful yet high definition sound. The entire look is very modern, especially with sophisticated front panel and color indication for various functions to make the whole operation more simple and non confusing. However, the whole design is still sleek and easy to arrange in any room you wish for total enjoyment. You will also see that the input buttons are in a form of simplified four buttons that are simply labeled DVD, TV, CD and Radio for easier switching process.


Natural and HD Audio Experience of Yamaha YHT-497

One problem that often occurs in a multi speaker set of home theater is how the sound frequency is often overlapping each other, especially the low frequency. This makes the bass sound that comes out becomes imbalanced. Now, with Yamaha YHT-497, you can enjoy not only clean and smooth sound but also balanced front sound. No matter how big your TV room is, the sound that comes out will always be perfectly defined and balanced. Plus, whenever you turn up the volume, the automatic adaption of DRC (Dynamic Range Control) will adjust the sound effects so that your ears can be more comfortable.

Yamaha YHT-497 video review

More Specs of Yamaha YHT-497

Yamaha YHT-497 does more than just increasing your sound experience with various media; it also does some things like:

  • Doing analysis of your TV room’s acoustic condition with YPAO Sound Optimization, therefore making sure that the audio parameters are right. And it is only in the matter of minutes.
  • USB Connection, for your I-Pod and I-Phone enjoyment.
  • Cinema DSP, which is a signature technology of Yamaha to improve HD audio experience from Dolby to DTS-HD Master Audio.
  • Compressed Music Enhancer for music files that are compressed (such as MP3) to the point that the sound frequency quality is bad. You can listen to your MP3 files as good as when you are listening to the actual, non compressed files.
  • Auto Power Down, a selection of ‘time out’ time that let the home theater set turned off after several hours according to your choice.
  • Eco Mode, a new Yamaha technology that makes the energy consumption of the whole set reduced up to 20%.
  • Multi language display options for the front panel, in English and various western European languages.
  • 40 options of preset tuning for AM and FM radio.


Customers’ Opinions about Yamaha YHT-497

Yamaha YHT-497 cinemaYamaha YHT-497 5.1-Channel Home Theater System is no doubt one more of Yamaha’s product that get high raves, going as far as getting 4.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon.com rating. The sound quality, woofer trim, sound enhancer and auto power down are among the most favorite specs customers ever experienced. This set combines everything that a customer wants from a home theater set; great sound, huge energy saving and more natural sound. The set also works great in any room sizes, from a studio apartment to huge living room. The sound quality is especially great for movies, because many reported that the dialogues and sound effects were very clear and distinctive, without unnecessary noises blurred the actual ‘point’ of audio people wanted to listen.

There were relatively few negative points of this product, for example that the sound quality sounds better for movie, TV and game instead of music. However, there is no really big difference between them, so it is still a good buy. In the end, Yamaha YHT-497 is a really good home theater set that is not too fancy, yet gets the job done well.[Read more reviews…]