Polk Audio TSX330T Review – Low Distorsion Tower Speaker

Polk Audio TSX330TAre you tired of the crowd noise, or sounds that can be heard clearly but unbalanced and strong when it comes to movies and music? When you want something with size that is really not a measure of performance then you should turn to the TSx 330T Floor standing Loudspeaker.

This device is definitely an ideal choice if you own small or midsized rooms but want to get full audio and video entertainment, for your demanding taste. If you are still curious about what Polk Audio TSX330T can offer and how other customers are thinking about it, just keep reading here.


Fill any Space with Fantastic Sound

Polk Audio TSX330T are concepted and designed by folks at Polk Audio who are experts at filling your space with lively, rich, lifelike home theater and stereo sound, without you need to empty your wallet. TSx330T floor-standing speakers simply provide you with high-performance. Using two 6-1/2″ Dynamic Balance® woofers and a 1″ silk/polymer dome tweeter these towers are able to pump out soft, spacious highs and amazingly deep lows that will simply fill your small- to medium-sized space without taking up much valuable floor room, or your hard-earned cash.

Polk Audio TSX330T is what you need to bring your audio entertainment level into the whole new level. Regardless the size of space that you have, this home theater system will be perfectly matched to your surrounding, presenting crystal clear sound for your favorite music and videos.

Designed and Established for Outstanding Performance

Polk carefully established the TSx-series speakers with advanced manufacturing methods and top-quality materials as they locate a lot into them so customers can get a lot out of them. Every one boasts Polk Audio TSX330T’s exclusive Dynamic Balance® drivers, which is a bi-laminate design of fiber-infused polymers layered together to establish a powerful yet highly efficient lightweight cone for soft, clear, natural, low-distortion sound. Polk Audio TSX330T puts these sophisticated drivers via broad testing to find and dismiss resonance points, making sure that everything you that you hear can sound clean and accurate.
Offered at a price of $250 the Polk Audio TSX330T also paid particular attention to the TSx crossovers, with a high-performance design as well as luxurious components and parts such as Mylar bypass capacitors to generate smooth and extra high-frequency details. Even the enclosures have contribution to the production of great sound. Their attractive cabinets utilize the v and non-resonant MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) to create a acoustically inert, rigid structure that effectively decreases audible coloration.


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Features and Specifications of Polk Audio TSX330T

  • TSx Series bi-laminate composite driver cones ideally tune with the dynamic balance operation generate soft, natural sound. They are light, but super stiff, with outstanding damping, for low distortion and high efficiency.
  • All Polk loudspeakers including those of Polk Audio TSX330T are timbre-fitted within their series, intended with similar components throughout, to gain seamless speaker to speaker mixing effects in multi-channel systems.
  • For the most secure connection options, it comes with Gold-plated, professional-version 5-way binding posts.


My Review on Polk Audio TSX330T

The tower speaker is available in black color. The design is elegant that will make any space it fills look sophisticated. It is interesting about TSX330T that even those who are not fans of it would think it is fantastic. It is really a good set of speakers and it definitely is for the money, a good speaker. It can handle the high end very well. So, basically what you have is a valued product that worth what you spend.

Many think that the unit is only suitable for the entry level or beginner level home theater customer, or those who are looking to improve their present television sound they are a great speaker. The 330t has a nice look and it stands tall so those having taller HT cabinets can make them placed nicely near to them and also possess the center line up well. Maybe the feet on the speaker are a bit cheap looking, but it will not matter on carpet. Many customers are in fact very happy with their Polk Audio TSX330T, and I myself am not dreading its small drawbacks. [Read more reviews…]